Telecom Consultancy

Get the right help for your VoIP Project for better Archeticture, Scalaibility and Realiability, Security.

We have helped building several multi-million dollar projects in several countries, we helped them choose the right solutions and the right tools to scale and succeed, we have also got involved in building the automation tools that they need for better work-flow automationa and improved anti-fraud policies .

Voice/Video/Messaging IOS/Android Apps

Are you looking to bring new ideas and innovate in the OTT market? that's good, we can help building Messaging, Audio, Video apps for your next idea using the latest and the greatest technologies in the market today, keep in mind we develop, design everything with scalability and security in mind, we are happy to sign an NDA before you share details with us about your next big idea.

Server-less Free Calling

If you like to be the first to try the future of telecom infrastructure and stop paying servers rental and having to deal with hardware related problems immediatley, our services are 100% Server-less and you can scale up and down as per your needs without having to worry about hardwareupgrade nor software licensing costs.

Free SIP Accounts

Connect any SIP end-point with the other for Free using our cloud services

Free SIP accounts calling supports G.729, G.723, G.711 Codecs, It costs you $0.00 to get a SIP account and make on-net calls.

Training & Bootcamps

We provide a complete training course to engineers and none-engineers to master the VoIP technology, our courses are designed with beginners in mind, so if your staff have 0 knowledge about what VoIP/IP Communications is we can take care of it, we also provide free educational videos on youtube for the public to get a sense of the training material we provide.